Scope of work

1) Research & Development
-Research and analysis on natural environment
-Research and analysis on social environment
-R&D of Comprehensive Assessment System of Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE)

2) Planning
-Regional and urban development planning
-Research and planning of urban renewal

3) Architectural Design
-Architectural planning, design, and inspection
-Construction management
-Facility management
-Interior, furniture and graphic design
-Research and design of ecological landscaping and gardening

4) Environmental Design
-Environmentally Symbiotic Urban Design
-Research, planning, design and execution of Environmentally Symbiotic Architecture
(especially Environmentally Symbiotic Housing)
-Research on “Building and Biology”
-Research on Life Cycle Analysis in building industry

5) Consulting
-Consulting to governmental, municipal and private organizations,
especially in the field of Sustainable Urban and Architectural Design

6) Miscellaneous
-Planning, design and execution of expositions, events, conferences and workshops,
concerning the above commissions
-Related information services, including translations (between English, German, French
and Japanese)
-Editing the related information etc.

Scope of Work – English [PDF download: Please be a bit patient to download.]
Corporate Overview – English [PDF download]

Corporate Overview

□Authorized Architects’ Firm: IWAMURA Atelier Inc.

□Registered Number by the Kanagawa Prefecture Government : 16978

□Address : 301 Park View Yokohama, 1-17-1 Aioi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0012 JAPAN
□Telephone : +81-45-211-9215
□Facsimile : +81-45-211-9272
□E-mail :
□URL :
□Main Bank : RISONA Bank Co.,Ltd., SHIBUYA Branch

□Established in April 1980 by Kazuo IWAMUARA