Urban Planning & Design

Meta Sand Spiral (International Competition)JV with Yasui Sekkei Inc.
The Science City
Aug. 2016
Giza, Egypt

This is our proposal of the international open competition for a block in Giza reserved for a new science city. Based on the concept of time and space axis, a state-of-the-art organic and resilient environment has been proposed around a spiral court yard. (for more details click here)

A district of new town
Wooden houses/2F
Mar. 2011(Sold out)
Koshigaya, Saitama

This is a residential area of detached houses developed as a part of large scale new town “Lake Town.” Cooperated with the developer (Daiwa House Industry Co.), IA elaborated the urban layout as a model of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing.
★2008 District’s CO2 Reduction Award by Ministry of Environment

Green Hill Terminal:Shibuya Project 2050 (Voluntary project)
District renewal
Jan. 2010
Shibuya, Tokyo

Upon the establishment of the Faculty of Urban Life, Tokyo City University, IWAMURA Lab. proposed the new terminal image for 2050 under the title of “Green Hill Terminal” in collaboration with IA. Keeping the current infrastructure, completely green urban tissue has been visualized.(for more details click here)

Global Hill(Project)
District renewal
Sep. 2006
Matsuyama, Ehime

This is the counter project of a local organization against the proposal of large shopping center on the site of Japan Tabaco factory. IA made efforts of conducting a variety of investigations and proposing an environmentally symbiotic urban renewal, which drew large and wide attentions in Matsuyama.

Onagawa Urban Rnewal(assigned by Yasui Inc.)
Concept making
Apr. 2006
Koto-ku, Tokyo

Concept making investigation has been conducted for the large shopping center to be built on the site of railway station as the urban renewal project in Koto-ku. The regional context was minutely analyzed in order to compile the project priority for environmentally symbiotic urban refevelopment.

Sustainable District Renewal & Distributed Energy Supply System
Urban renewal project
Oct. 2005
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

This is the research work on the possibility of urban renewal by means of distributed energy supply system in terms of a sustainable development. It was conducted in collaboration with OOOKA Lab. of the University of Tokyo and the outcome was presented at the international conference SB05 and etc.

Centenary Mitsui Forest (Competition:JV with Shimizu Corporation)
Residential complex
Sep. 2005
Suginami-ku, Tokyo

A sports park of the major developer was the site for the competition in view of providing a large scale residential redevelopment in Tokyo. A variety of housing types and landscaping as well as operation program have been proposed under the partnership with Shimizu Corporation. (the 2nd place)

Tsuduki City Planning
Yokohama Urban Design Masterplan
May 2002
Yokohama, Kanagawa

This is the master plan of urban development of Tsuduki Ward, Yokohama, where the Faculty of Environment & Information, Tokyo City University is located. Assigned by the City of Yokohama, IWAMURA Lab., associated with IA, explicitly elaborated the objectives based on a variety of related researches and analysis

Yakushima Symbiotic Housing Village
Social housing settlement
Mar. 2001~ Mar. 2006
Yakushima, Kagoshima

Yakushima Island, the World Natural Heritage, is the site of this public wooden housing complex comprising 50 dwelling units and a community hall. This is a model environmentally symbiotic housing specifically designed for the hot and humid region of southern Japan, learning from the traditional settlement. (for more detail click here)

Chikusa Preliminary District Renewal Design
Urban renewal
Mar. 2001
Nagoya, Aichi

As the consultant of a large scale urban renewal, IA conducted the detailed research and analysis of the district environment and compiled the cyclical town planning guidelines. During the execution phase, IA played the role of evaluating and supervising the respective projects including SC, Condominiums, Institutes, Offices etc.

Shinden Residential District Development
Residential district development
Mar. 2000

As an environmentally symbiotic housing consultant/architect, IWAMURA evaluated and supervised the execution design of each housing and the urban design. Mater architect: Prof. Kiyonori MIISHO, Landscape Architect: Shunsaku MIYAGI

ABC Housing Park in Fujisawa
Housing exhibition
Apr. 1999
Fujisawa, Kanagawa

This is a newly opened housing exhibition park according to the environmentally symbiotic housing concept. IWAMURA Atelier was assigned to design the whole layout plan as well as the Center House.

Matsusaka Agricultural Village: Preliminary Planning
Thematic regional development
Mar. 1998
Matsusaka, Mie

Under the name of Agricultural Village, a variety of wooden facilities and activities regarding the art and food culture are provided to be able to experience the local industry, techniques, skills and traditional culture based on the local agriculture. IA elaborated not only the architectural design but also the related programs.

New Century Village No2(Ryugasaki Newtown)
Newtown redevelopment
May 1997
Ryugasaki, Ibaragi

Based on the redevelopment plan of “Ryugasaki Newtown,” IA elaborated the whole design of this detached house residential block according to the environmentally symbiotic housing concept. It was exhibited as the model housing development before being sold.

Development Plan of the Chiba Newtown 23rd Block
Newtown development
Apr. 1995~Mar. 1997
Shiroi, Chiba

According to the redevelopment plan of the whole Newtown, IWAMURA Atelier elaborated this 23rd Block for detached houses.

Twin Tower Hirosegawa SHUMPO
Town renewal
Feb. 1995
Sendai, Miyagi

This high-rise condominium complex has been designed as a town renewal project, subsidized by the national and local government. From the very beginning, IWAMURA Atelier helped organize the land owners organization as well as the brain network to implement this complex project incorporating the memories of the place.

Preliminary design for the West Exit Place of Sendai Station
Townscape design
Jul. 1991~Mar. 1993
Sendai, Miyagi

As the main gate of Sendai City, a renewal proposal for the railway station’s place has been elaborated in collaboration with Kaoru MENDE and Kazuko FUJIE.

Preliminary Townscaping for AOBA Avenue
Townscape design
Mar. 1992
Sendai, Miyagi

As the main urban axis of Sendai City, a total renewal of the AOBA Avenue has been proposed in terms of sound, color, greenery, street furniture etc., in collaboration with top designers in each expertise.

Ohita Amenity Town Development Plan
Regional development 1990~1992
Yuhuin+Tsurumi+Yamakuni, Ohita

Governor HIRAMATSU came up with the policy of “Amenity Town Plan” in preparation for the population decrease and assigned Arata ISOZAKI and Kei MINOHARA to organize and supervise a team of architects including IWAMURA, KURYU and ARAI who took care of 3 representative local towns respectively.

Sapporo Art Forest Village Development Design
District development
Apr. 1989~Mar. 1991
Sapporo, Hokkaido

IWAMURA Atelier was assigned to elaborate a cooperative business park design in the South of Sapporo City in view of creating there a research & development center of Industry, Art and Environment, which was completed in Mar. 1993.

Fashion Dome 141
Urban renewal
Mar. 1987
Sendai, Miyagi

As a part of consultant group, IWAMURA Aetlier elaborated a variety of researches to contribute for designing this urban renewal project, including the commercial facilities associated with the municipal cultural center for women.
★2004 Japan Sopping Center Grand Award

City Center District Plan of Izumi City
District planning
Mar, 1981
Izumi, Miyagi

This was then the largest urban development area in Japan covered by the municipal district planning system. IWAMURA Atelier was assigned to compile the guidelines of this system.

Preliminary Design for Rokku District Redevelopment
Urban redevelopment
Mar. 1981
Matsumoto, Nagano

An old and deteriorated shopping mall was planned to be replaced by a shopping center, the preliminary design of which was elaborated by IWAMURA Atelier.