Our Atelier, since the establishment in 1980, has been consistently seeking architecture and urban-ism as they should be from the viewpoints of “Environment,” “Human” and “Society.”

In 1990, we started to be actively and intensively involved in then state‐of‐the‐art R&D of “Environmentally Symbiotic Housing,” “Sustainable Built‐Environment” and recent “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals),” which should contribute to creating sustainable society of the up‐coming future. In doing so, our Atelier became a platform of thinking, planning, practicing and evaluating the built and societal environment in both theoretical and practical aspects.

In between, we have fortunately obtained a variety of commissions from different clients, which enabled us corporate with universities, public & private organizations, users, communities and people, beyond the boundary of academy, government and industry. The knowledge and experiences that we learned and gained through all those opportunities are the very resources of our own.

Discover the best solution in terms of sustainability and beauty by means of flexibly constituting networks relevant to the characteristics of every project. This is our basic attitude of practices towards further contribution to a better environmental, societal and human future.

Prof. Kazuo IWAMURA

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