4G House/NEXT 21
Apartment for 4 generations

“NEXT21” of Osaka Gas, is one of the most iconic environmentally symbiotic housing of the 90’s. This project was executed as a periodical renewal, through a competition that IWAMURA Atelier, in collaboration with Daikyo Group, won proposing an apartment for a family of 4 female generations in urbans district. (for more details click here)
★Good Design Award 2015

House S
One family house
Mar. 2012
Meguro, Tokyo

This is a urban detached house of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing, complying with state-of-the-art concept and equipped with latest resilient techniques of Housing for Human Security in preparation for natural disasters including a great earthquake predicted to happen soon or later in the metropolitan region.

House A
Detached house
Jan. 2011
Honjyo, Saitama

A detached environmentally symbiotic house located in a suburban residential area. It was specifically designed as a healthy living place for a family having suffered from allergy since quite a long time due to VOC contained in the building materials.

Compact House
Detached H. + Office
Aug. 2007
Ohta, Tokyo

A wooden compact house with an office located in a densely built-up urban area. According to the given condition, a variety of solutions has been incorporated to contribute to the living comfort as well as the improvement of the neighborhood townscaping.

House of Outlook
Weekend House
Aug. 2006
Misato, Saitama

A weekend house in a suburban area built as a case-study practice of “Ecological Housing.” Benefitted by the surrounding environment, this house obtained the highest score S of CASBEE. (for more details click here)
★JIA Environmental Architecture Award 2008
★Saitama Environmental Housing Award 2009

House Katsuragi
Detached House for Sale
Sep. 2005
Tsukuba, Ibaragi

A wooden detached house, which was built and exhibited by a local builder for “TX Tsukuba Exhibition of Houses and Living.” IA designed it as an Environmentally Symbiotic Housing, which was sold after the exhibition.

House in Takamori
Weekend House
Mar. 2005
Takamori, Nagano

A weekend house on a hill, learned from the regionally specific and traditional building method. Using locally produced cedar timbers for structural and secondary elements finished with bee wax, it became a natural house. The client made efforts to work with greenery, hedges ad fences by himself, which has been wonderfully completed a year later.

Yakushima Symbiotic Housing Village
Social housing settlement
Mar. 2001~ Mar. 2006
Yakushima, Kagoshima

Yakushima Island, the World Natural Heritage, is the site of this public wooden housing complex comprising 50 dwelling units and a community hall. This is a model environmentally symbiotic housing specifically designed for the hot and humid region of southern Japan, learning from the traditional settlement. (for more detail click here)

House Y
Detached House
Jan. 2005
Saitama, Saitama

Located in a urban district in the metropolitan area, this wooden house was specifically designed as an environmentally symbiotic housing to be lived with elderly family member in the near future, which was rated as the Class A by CASBEE-Detached House.

Detached House
Apr. 1997
Yono, Saitama

This detached timber wooden house in a suburban area was designed for three generations to be sustainable respecting the existed resources. By the residents’ initiatives, a part of the site was opened to neighbors as a community pocket park.
★1997 Saitama-Pref. Townscape Award
★1980 IBEC Energy Conservation Award

Setagaya Environmentally Symbiotic Housing : JV with Ichiura Co.Ltd.
Social Housing・Dayhome
Mar. 1997
Setagaya, Tokyo

This is a rebuilding of a post-war public housing in Tokyo, comprehensively designed as the first national Environmentally Symbiotic Housing model project. As one of the most successful practices of its kind, it drew strong attentions from around the world. (for more detail click here)
★JIA Environmental Architecture Award 2000
★UN-Habitat World Habitat Awards 2011

Kinari House Type A & Type B
Model detached house
Mar. 1997
Ryugasaki, Ibaragi

These houses were developed as region specific proto type wooden housing for Ryugasaki Newtown, according to Environmentally Symbiotic Housing concept. The traditional timber house building method has been modernized to create an affordable and sustainable house to enjoy maximum wooden atmosphere.

Sanyoso “Farm Sweet Home”
Detached House
Mar. 1995
Shonan, Chiba

Extension of a old farmer’s house has been completed reflecting the idea of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing. The client family of four generations, leading a very ecological lifestyle of farming, allowed to build an open and wooden house independent of mechanical indoor systems.

Twin Tower Hirose-gawa “Shumpo”
High-rise condo + Shops SRC/B1+28F
Feb. 1995
Sendai, Miyagi

This high-rise condominium has been designed as a town renewal project, subsidized by the national and local government. From the very beginning, IA helped organize the land owners organization as well as the brain network to implement this complex project incorporating the memories of the place.

IWAKI Fusha Village Center House
Exhibition house + Office
Oct. 1994
Iwaki, Fukushima

To commemorate the 20th year after establishing the Public Corporation for Regional Development, Joban Chapter, “IWAKI Fusha Village” was newly developed to publicly exhibit the concept of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing, including this center house as a symbolic building. (for more details click here)

House of Wind & Light as ESH
Exhibition House
Oct. 1994
Iwaki, Fukushima

On a site of the IWAKI Fusha Village (see below), this exhibition house was built by a local contractor as a model ESH through the planning and design by IWAMURA Atelier, which attracted many visitors during the exhibition.

IWAKI Fusha Village
Housing Exhibition

Oct. 1994
Iwaki, Fukushima

To commemorate the 20th year after establishing the Public Corporation for Regional Development, Joban Chapter, “IWAKI Fusha Village” was newly developed to publicly exhibit the concept of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing embracing a biotope pond at the center.
(for more details click here)

Global Village No.1 Center House
Exhibition House
Aug. 1993
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka

To commemorate the 30th year after establishing the City of Kitakyushu, “Global Village No.1” was newly developed to publicly exhibit the concept of Environmentally Symbiotic Housing for the 1st time, including this center house. After 3 years housing exhibition, it was moved for eternal use as an ESH museum.

Haus Iwamura/Kassel Ecological Settlement
Detached House
Aug. 1991

Based on the idea of Building & Biology, this eco-housing settlement was conceived and designed by a cooperative group of clients, as an early initiative in Germany. IWAMURA, took part in and designed his own house by a full range of ecological efforts & manners. (for more detail click here)
★1993 BDA Simon Louis du Ry Award

Maison d’Hoshino
Aug. 1990
Kamimeguro, Tokyo

IWAMURA Atelier produced this low-rise urban condominium all through the project process as a rebuilding initiative of old detached houses. Taking advantage of the complicated topography, we tried to execute 6 dwelling units of comfort as well as an attractive town scape.

OH House
Row House
Jun. 1989
Kamimeguro, Tokyo

This row house was planned and designed on a flag-shape site within the calm residential area in Nakameguro, privately developed after the War. Since its completion, IWAMURA and IA used this wooden buliding for 25 years as a residence and an office.