Asahi Newspaper Distribution Center Complex
Office, Hall, Housing
Jun. 2013
Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Recent change of the newspaper’s role, due to the tremendous development of information society, the function of distribution center has been changed as well. After the through research about such, a new model form of center has been proposed and interpreted into an architectural solution that can contribute to the cultural activities of the district.

Kobe German & European School
Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary School
Jul. 2009
Kobe, Hyogo

This is a school for German and European children in Kobe, comprising nursery, kindergarten and elementary school built to commemorate the centenary anniversary of foundation. After having won the proposal, IA designed this environmentally symbiotic school. (for more details click here)
★National Model Project of CO2 Reduction
★JIA Environmental Architecture 1st Prize 2013

H Pharmacy
Shop & House
Jul. 2003
Honjyo, Saitama

As a case study of the ecological housing research group in Honjyo since 2000, this shop-house was designed by IA and built by one of the local memer builders after the open tender. The whole process was organized and conducted by IA.

Fukushima the 21st Century Pavilion
Exhibition Pavilion
May 2001
Sukagawa, Fukushima

This is the main pavilion of the regional exhibition “City in Forest” to welcome a part of the metropolitan functions in the natural environment. The unique wooden construction covering the stepping topography was designed to be relocated for permanent use after the temporary exhibition.
(for more details click here)
★American Wood Design Award 2002

Makiuchi Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic
Oct. 2001
Iida, Nagano

This dental clinic is located on a slope in front of a street of heavy traffic and built by a hybrid structure of RC and timber. Independent from the conventional clinic image, IA gave efforts to create a harmony with the surrounding environment and thus comfort for both patients and doctors.
★2011 Ii Regional Scape Award

Eco-house Exhibition in The Japan Mirai Science Museum
Jun. 2001
Koutou, Tokyo

This exhibition objects were developed and built to spread the idea of environmentally symbiotic housing within the Japan Mirai Science Museum. Techniques, mechanism, culture and lifestyle were comprehensively exhibited in terms of historical backcasting methods.

Agricultural Skill Center: Preliminary Design
Cultural Center
Mar. 1998
Matsusaka, Mie

As the center facility of the Agricultural Village, a variety of activities regarding the art and food culture are provided to be able to experience the local industry, techniques, skills and traditional culture. IA elaborated not only the architectural design but also the related programs.

Training Center
Mar. 1998
Yokosuka, Kanagawa

This is a environmentally symbiotic training center of an advertising agency having its headquarters in Ginza. Located in the Shonan International Village, this center was integrally designed with the surrounding hilly nature by the sea, to be enjoyed by the accommodated employees in sharp contrast to the headquarters in downtown.

Tokyo Urban Space Exhibition
Oct. 1994
Luvre Exhibition Hall,
Paris, France

A variety of exhibitions comprising visual arts regarding the environmentally symbiotic urban space for Tokyo, which was taken place in the Luvre Exhibition Hall in Paris. IA was assigned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to plan, design and execute the whole exhibition that was highly appreciated by the visitors.

Funhouse Sapporo Recording Studio
Recording studio + Accommodation
Mar. 1993
Sapporo, Hokkaido

This resort recording studio with accommodation is located in Sapporo Art Village that was planned by IA. The whole facility is integrated into the hilly landscape as an articulated village for both short and long stay within the most suitable atmosphere for recording. (for more details click here)
★1997 Good Design Award by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Hudson Central Research Institute
Aug. 1992
Sapporo, Hokkaido

This is the research center of a computer software provider, associated with a historical coin museum of its collection. From the beginning of the site development, IA was assigned to elaborate the whole project, the theme of which was Art-Information-Ecology.

Oct. 1988
Fukuroi, Shizuoka

To improve the thermal condition of a traditional wooden house, a large greenhouse has been inserted into the site taking advantage of its passive solar principle and a hybrid space development.

Japan Institute for Aging Control
Institute・Hall etc.
Oct. 1985
Fukuroi, Shizuoka

This is a comprehensive research center on food, life and mind comprising the related facilities including office, laboratory, hall and restaurant. It contains a variety of spaces integrated into a hill to create an attractive landscape along the circulation.

Bateau Coq
Shop house
Oct. 1982
Kuroiso, Tochigi

A small wooden shop house, located in a resort area near Kuroiso, which was awarded by the 1st “SD (Space Design) Review”. Using traditional timber building method, implicit meaning of cited form was elaborately expressed in it. Actually this is the 1st architectural work of IWAMURA Atelier after the establishment.